With this gourmet range, we are revisiting the Provencal flavours we grew up with. All our traditional fine jams, spreads and delicacies are made in Provence. We source them mainly from Aix et Terra et Le Roy René. Again, you can choose to order a cake from our selection below which size and colours we can customise. We can also create completely bespoke wedding and celebration cakes. Going back to our Provence roots, we’ve embraced a gourmet range of flavours that you’ll adore. Giving your cake creations a unique twist, these flavours use fine traditional jams, spreads, and delicacies for a delicious edge. Sourced from high quality, renowned suppliers, including Aix Et Terra et Le Roy Rene, our Provencal range delivers the same exceptional standards and taste sensations you expect from our classic range with a French style. 

You can choose from our selection of cakes, selecting your size, colour, or flavour. However, we also offer a completely bespoke service, allowing you to create a cake that perfectly captures the essence of your event. Whether you’re planning a beautiful wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers or a celebration cake topped with traditional sweets, our expert designers will turn your creative vision into a stunning cake. 

Delicious lemon sponge filled with Raspberry and Lemon from Menton jam and zesty lemon buttercream


Vanilla sponge filled with lavender jelly and apricot flavoured buttercream


A rich dark chocolate sponge filled with dark chocolate chips and chocolate and crunchy speculos (lotus) spread


Moist vanilla sponge filled with basil jelly and strawberry flavoured buttercream


Scrummy vanilla sponge filled with Melon from Cavaillon spread


Tangy orange flavoured sponge filled with orange and black nougat spread


Delicious almond flavoured sponge filled with raspberry and calissons spread


Moist vanilla sponge filled with fig jam


'Not suitable for wedding cakes'

Our Provence flavours will take you right into the beautiful south-east France province with every delightful bite. Balancing light sponges with distinctive, tempting flavours, including the traditional Menton, Cavaillon, and Mazarin, they’ll set your cake apart, no matter the occasion.