Easy French biscuit recipe: La 'Navette' from Marseille.

'Navettes' are traditional biscuits from Marseille. Its unusual shape is reminiscent of a 'barque' (small boat in English).

We often use them as decorations on our Provence range cakes. Here is the recipe we use. It was elaborated by famous chef Hervé from Hervé cuisine. See the video here. No panic. It has English subtiltles.


  • 500 g Flour

  • 200 g sugar

  • 50 ml olive oil

  • 3 tsp orange blossom water

  • 1 tsp orange extract

  • 2 eegs

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • A little bit of Milk


  • Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy.

  • Add salt, Orange blossom water, orange extract and olive oil.

  • Add flour little by little, then mix with hands and turn dough into a ball.

  • Leave to stand for about an hour.

  • Cut dough into equal parts (About 16)

  • Roll dough into sausage shapes (About 10 cm long, pinch the ends and cut it along the middle with a knife then paste with milk.

  • Bake 180°C for 20 minutes

  • Leave to cool.

  • Place in tin containers.

Voila! You can even see it in action with our Luxe Provence range.

Lau xx

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