How do we recognise 'good' chocolate from 'bad' chocolate.

Chocolate by Green and Blacks and L'Esperantine

The latest research shows that there are many benefits to eating chocolate. Here are 5 examples:

  1. Chocolate is meant to be good for your heart as it helps restore flexibility to arteries.

  2. Chocolate is packed with beneficial minerals such as potassium and zinc.

  3. Chocolate may prevent diabetes as cocoa have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

  4. Chocolate makes you feel better as it releases endorphines in your brain.

  5. Chocolate reduces 'bad' cholesterol.

Chocolate and Hazelnut cake by us with sticky toffee dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

However, we are not talking about ALL chocolate. We are taking about GOOD chocolate. So how do you distinguish between good and bad chocolate?

Well, without going into too much details, we can say that good chocolate melts in your mouth at body temperature. It is snappy and shiny because it is made with the right equipment, at the right temperature with the quality cocoa beans from small plantations.

So go on then, don't be shy...

A bientôt!

Lau xoxo

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